Our focal point is to develop an ecosystem of digital products for the Creative Nation. The Kettarians know how to build a trust infrastructure and a global “data lake” in the IP sphere where Creators secure, sell and protect their IP rights and items digitally. And this is not just talk! Our portfolio of projects  includes multiple IP asset management tools and services based on this trust infrastructure.


A universal blockchain-based solution that allows to create a multifunctional infrastructure for building up a modern intellectual property institute and to enforce its performance as a participant of the digital market economy.


  • 3 nodes;

  • 45K+ transactions;

  • The trust infrastructure in the IP sphere, creating the global “data lake,” where the participants act as guarantors;

  • HyperLedger Fabric based as the distributed data registry technology.


An AI&ML-based service for monitoring broadcast TV, radio, streaming services, as well as live performances and internet broadcasting

  • 70K+ radio & TV streams in 127 countries;

  • 100mln+ digital fingerprints in the database;

  • 28ms to analyze 5sec recording frame;

  • Inhouse developed monitoring equipment to ensure 100% of broadcast coverage 24/7

  • Consolidated reports enriched by metadata including artist/track/album name, release date, label and ISRC.


Service geography: Germany, Italy, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Albania, Colombia, Ghana. 


An ecosystem for the protection of intellectual property assets via digital depositing


  • For many types of IP items: music, videos, audiovisual works, texts, pictures, 3D models, inventions, technologies, industrial design, construction documents, trademarks;

  • Proof of authorship;

  • Flexible access customization and tuning for various categories of users;

  • Digital notary;

  • Automated check of downloaded IP object for its uniqueness (to exclude the fact of full or partial illegal borrowing).


Features to be launched later:

  • A smart solution for searching and tracking cases of illegal uses of music, audiovisuals, texts, pictures, and trademarks on the Internet with automatic claims handling;

  • The International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) registration;

  • The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) assignment.


An AI&ML-based turnkey solution by Global Music Monitoring customized for live performances monitoring on TV, radio, streaming services, and podcasts


In 2019 GMM has customized the inhouse developed music monitoring and recognition technology to handle the process of live performances analysis and matching, becoming the exclusive technological partner of GWVR, Germany (The „Gesellschaft für die Wahrnehmung von Veranstalterrechten” was founded to let event promoters participate on the revenues that are generated by the recordings of concerts).

  • 90+ public broadcasters of Germany;

  • 900+ private broadcasters of Germany;

  • 1,1mln+ hours of live performances broadcast duration;

  • 2bln+ views of live performances in streaming services.

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Service for depositing source code and UX/UI design elements to protect the intellectual property rights


  • 20К+ source code repositories;

  • 6K+ design projects;

  • Depositing directly from integrated development environments and plug-in interface development services;

  • Version control of projects;

  • Searching for code in public repositories;

  • Checking code for instances of borrowing;


Service geography: USA, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus.